Modern Day Assassination Of A Black Activist

Stop acting like you people don’t see it. The problem with people today is that when these things happen everyone shields their eyes from the truth. The news says that she wasn’t targeted but she had death threats. Um, that is a target. Sasha Johnson is a BLM activist and a mother of three who was shot in the head in London. She is in critical condition and is fighting for her life at this moment. When activists are shot, we know what this is. This is a modern day assassination of an activist. She was standing up for the black community and it shows that people always wanna take out the changing party. They can say that this wasn’t targeting but a gun shot to the head seems personal to me.

Sasha started “Britain’s first Black-led political party” and did her part in organizing marches for the black lives matter movement. We all know that there are people who don’t like these movements which is why a lot of activists get harmed by others. I talked about another attempted murder case on a black male activist before. He said that he was attacked by a group of white males who attempted to lynch him with a noose. That is insane and it just shows that these racists people won’t stop. I believe she had a hit out on her because of what she is doing. She even walked with a bullet proof vest. The same thing happened to activist back in the day and the same thing is happening today. Wake up people!

Source: Sasha Johnson: BLM activist in critical condition after gunshot to the head | Race | The Guardian


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