Freedom Of Speech Must Mean Nothing: Hijacked a Plane To Detain a Journalist

Just when I thought I was done talking about Belarus, something else comes up. This situation is insane to me because it reminds me of the Alexei Navalny situation. They both were arrested for protesting against their leaders. Freedom of speech must mean nothing nowadays because everyone is getting detained because of it. There are claims that the Belarus Leader faked a bomb threat and hijacked the plane that was carrying the journalist ( Roman Protasevich), where they arrested him. He is currently facing the death penalty or I believe 15 years for speaking his mind. I never understood why leaders get upset when someone doesn’t like them. If a lot of people don’t like you, then you must be doing something wrong. They always go so far to track down the person who started everything but everyone has a voice. Then they throw ridiculous sentencing at that person and now you will have even more people hating you because it’s an injustice.

Why should they ruin someone’s life just because they aren’t happy. That is the problem with these so called leaders. The president of Belarus is not new to anything. I talked about him before and it wasn’t pretty. His country already hates him which is why they want him out. A protest that last around 8 months because the votes were off. He obviously cheated and doesn’t care. This man has been in power for 26 years and is the only president Belarus has ever seen. I am sure he did this and is willing to get rid of anyone who gets in his way. Sounds a little like you know who…Vladimir Putin. I will leave a link to that post below.

Source: Evil Never Gives Up Domination: Belarus Protest – UNLISTID

They risked so many lives for one life and it makes no sense. I am happy people around the world is talking about this because the whole execution of this was a mess. I am the most upset at the fact that they are arresting the journalist. It’s his job to tell the truth and to show the realness of whatever lies they speak. That is one thing these men in power can’t get by. Why have journalist if they can’t speak? Throw all the news away if they are gonna continue doing this. They shouldn’t get mad because other civilians who are going through the same things feel the same way. This whole situation is an injustice to humans and to a country. This country is a lot like Russia or at least trying to be.

Source: Belarus ‘diverts Ryanair flight to arrest journalist’, opposition says – BBC News

Source: Belarus accused of ‘hijacking’ Ryanair flight diverted to arrest blogger | Belarus | The Guardian


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