Wanting Black People To Fear White People

In a world filled with different races, racism is everywhere but there are two races that will forever remain with problems. I am talking about white people and black people. So much history between two groups that will never see eye to eye fully. Racism is taking a toll on everyone including myself and it isn’t getting better. I wanted to talk about this after every past and recent hate crime including police brutality. There is a lot of things in common between the two. “Power”, “Control”, and “Fear”. Why can’t the racist white people see that we aren’t different? Why can’t they see that racism is illegal? Why can’t they see that they are wrong? Why can’t the young racists see that they have absolutely nothing to do with it but are just brainwashed children? All of the questions that they refuse to accept.

It’s pretty obvious what they want. They was us black people to fear them. It’s not gonna happen because this isn’t that time period anymore. We don’t kiss the feet of white people anymore. I’m not saying blacks did back then but they were forced or killed. The only thing they scare blacks with is death. No one wants to die. That is the only fear but that person is always remembered and the other party is down in the hate book. A hate book that is so long, it goes all the way back to when America was first discovered by Christopher Columbus, the one who stole it from the Indians by killing millions of them. That just shows you that white people have been like this forever. The funny thing is that these evil men in history are the ones with holidays and statues.

Growing up, I never looked at a white person and thought, “why are the so white”. Black people aren’t raised that way but I can’t say the same for the other party. Now, I know every white person is not racist but a majority is. Nothing takes the cake like the “kkk, skin heads, Nazis, and any other white supremacist group. These people have a dark part in history where their ancestors killed and tortured my ancestors for the joy of it. They teach their kids these ways which is why they are still here. They are here but they are hidden. You don’t just see these people, they usually stay far away so no one can see them or they blend in really well. These people have absolutely no hearts but only dark souls.

This all brings us to what is going on in today’s society with these shootings and murders. I specifically wanted to talk about the Ronald Greene case. It’s so sad and disturbing when you learn that the truth was hidden from his family and the public for two years. They said he died after his car hit a tree from a police chase but it was all false. The video has come out and it shocking. The police tased, kicked, and dragged this man and he died on the way to the hospital. How the hell can anyone take up for these men. They are not worthy of being officers. Any cop even in history who has participated in these acts, does it out of joy. A sane person would not do this to another for no good reason. During the disgusting act, Ronald was heard saying he was scared. He wasn’t scared of those men, he was scared that he was gonna die. After all that, the attorney had the audacity to say that the video was tragic but justified. They are all cancelled and will burn in hell nicely with the others because those people aren’t wanted here.

Source: No mistaking the message authorities are sending in Ronald Greene and Andrew Brown cases (Opinion) – CNN


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