Why The Smell Of Meat Will Start To Irritate You After A While Of Eating No Meat

If you don’t eat meat then you can understand this. The first day I stopped eating meat was difficult but I got over it. Like I said in many posts before, there are many meat alternatives and if you are new to it, then it will take time to adjust. It honestly doesn’t taste that much different than regular meat which has always surprised me. The first thing to stop eating is pork because it’s the most unhealthiest and easiest thing to quit. I have not eaten meat in almost two years and I have reactions to the smells of meats. I get nauseous at the smell of sausage and bacon. I absolutely hate the smell of bacon and I think it’s because my palette is not used to it anymore. I eat plant based meat, so that is what I am used to now.

Anyone who is transitioning, thinking about, or just curious about this topic should know that this is a real thing. It only happens once you haven’t eaten meat in a while. I don’t miss meat at all so I am not fazed anymore but others might have a hard time. You just have to remember that bacon is unhealthy and to not let it get to you. There are many healthy substitutes to fix this problem.


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