Protecting The Tongass National Forest

There are some things on this planet that should be left untouched. The Tongass National Forest is the largest forest in America. Located in Southeast Alaska, home to many animals, this forest is the breathing grounds for America. Places that are beautiful and have so much life for animals to live in should stay untouched. It’s filled with beautiful trees and water streams which gives a fresh water supply to many. Salmon swim there which helps the people who fish, so if something would to happen to this place, more people would be affected.

There is also a pending request from the people who live there and the people who are trying to save it (I am one of them). They are requesting to stop all talk about adding roads here. I couldn’t agree more. When they create roads, the bring toxic chemicals such as carbon which is already causing global warming. You have toxic air, harmful soil, gas emission from cars, and more. It’s like they purposely wanna ruin earth for money. The thing they don’t realize is that there are many animals who were here before us. Humans can touch one thing and everything is ruined just like that. These companies want the future so bad with all this technology, and don’t even realize that they are the number one issue causing global warming. If all the sacred grounds, ice, and water disappear, you have nothing. This is our planet, so why would you not wanna keep it beautiful.

Source: 5 reasons Tongass National Forest is worth fighting for | The Wilderness Society


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