Is It Possible That There Was In Fact No Virus At All

Hear me out first because I am about to make you think. I had this thought after listening to a guy talk about why he refuse to take the vaccine along with any other medicine. The things he was saying sounded so legit but we all have our opinions. The one problem I had during this entire pandemic, was the speed at which the virus spread. I could only think of it as being airborne but we all know what the government is capable of and what they are capable of lying about (cough, cough, 9/11). Everything was so perfect before and just like that, it went downhill.

There are many theories about covid and you all know I had many of them as well. It’s hard to understand the situation because there is so much blame. Everyone confirmed that it came from China. Some say it was the Wuhan lab but the leader of China claimed it wasn’t. We all know that every leader is capable of everything that is possible, so who says that they didn’t cause this catastrophe.


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