My First Time In A Airport And Plane

I am back in Atlanta with my older sister and I finally flew in a plane! I have so much to tell you guys. P.S, I plan on making a YouTube this summer, so look out. I flew from the Bill Clinton airport all the way to the Atlanta Airport. The flight was so fast that I asked, “are we seriously here already”. The time was around an hour and a half. I was nervous but I was comfortable. When I made it to the airport, I went to weigh my baggage and get check. The checking was so funny because I didn’t know anything. I never got patted down before, so excuse me if I didn’t know that we were supposed to remove shoes (lol). After getting pat down, I went to my plane section and waited for 2 hours. I passed time by watching a HBO movie and YouTube. When the time came to board, there was a family that really pissed me off because they delayed us due to their lack of knowledge. They tried to board with extra luggage, extra strollers, shopping bags, and more. They acted clueless which is why it took an extra 20 minutes to arrive.

Before I continue, I wanna say that this delta plane was to compacted for me. It was only two sides and my seat was literally all the way at the back. I still had a view but from what I saw, that first class was not worth it because everything looked the same. I’m not paying for first class just for an hour. My stomach was a little tight during take off. I was so nervous because it was going so fast. It felt so weird when we went up in the air because we were pulled back. There was so much pressure during this time but it was fine. I can also say that plane Wi-Fi sucks as well. During this flight, the children were getting on my nerves (lol). There were so many kids screaming and crying. Thankfully I had my noise cancelling airpods. The plan was for me to blog while I was on the plane but that didn’t work so here I am now.

One positive was the view. Seeing the clouds 30,000 feet high is remarkable. The clouds are so beautiful and it was very peaceful. The flight was extremely fast but relaxing. I just hated how compacted we were because everyone knows my thoughts on that during a pandemic (saving this for another post). When I arrived at the Atlanta airport, it took me 30 minutes to find my way out (literally). I wanna slap the designer of that airport because it was never ending. It’s too big and I kept getting lost. I was trying to find my sister but I was everywhere. It’s too big and I swear on everything that their escalators are way to long. I was getting so annoyed. To make things worse, it took me a while to find my luggage. I was happy to leave that crazy place. I now have to imagine that place once I leave (lol).


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