Let Me Scare You: The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Mask Just Yet

Let me first start off by saying that no one is stupid. I actually believe the citizens are smarter than the scientist. Everyone has theories and clues to how things happen which makes everything even more interesting. The CDC told us this week that covid is airborne. No offense but, we already knew that. I stated that the virus had to be airborne because of the amount of time it took to spread. So we have an airborne deadly virus that isn’t gone yet. The virus has many variants and the variants are even more deadly. The most deadly variant at this moment is the Indian variant and they have found some cases in many countries including America. There has been a case of a man who was fully vaccinated (in America) and caught covid again. That showed everyone that we have to be even more careful. So after all this information, why would you risk your life by keeping your mask off?

I don’t keep my mask on outside because I will pass out from lack of air but I still put it on when I’m near other people. My trust is goneeeee, I trust absolutely no one until I hear that there are no more covid cases. You have to think of your health first. Everyone has seen the amount of people that died from covid. The numbers are scary because you start to doubt yourself. One sniff can make your brain think you have covid. Don’t take off your masks. They protect you from this deadly killer. Don’t listen to the CDC because you can get sick again. Is it worth your life? If not, at least be careful.

Source: ‘A great day for America,’ Biden says, touting CDC’s eased mask guidance – ABC News (go.com)


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