Unbelievable, Disrespectful, Scary, and Unimaginable

The stuff I talk about that is serious, are things you can’t make up. Sometimes I regret looking at the news because it gets worse everyday. I am at a loss of words because of something I saw about the India covid crisis. I am disgusted because they found over 71 dead bodies in the Ganges River. Those people had covid and they are investigating (they say) how they got there. Someone did say that they were running out of wood for cremation. To even think that someone just tossed a body in the water because there was no more room is sick. It’s beyond sick, it’s inhumane. The disrespect of corpse, the disrespect of that person, the disrespect of that person’s family and the disrespect of themselves.

It’s already insane and sad how they have to cremate everyone to begin with. I just picture seeing my family like that, and it’s beyond sad. I swear that water is already toxic and they are making it worse. What did the expect to do after? Just leave it there? I am just so shock that people thought of this. Someone needs to be charged. I don’t care if they had no more room. This was a disgusting thing to do to someone.

Source: Scores of dead bodies found floating in India’s Ganges River (apnews.com)

Source: Bodies found floating in the Ganges as India’s Covid death toll passes 250,000 (nbcnews.com)


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