The Disappointment of The Family

Every family has that one member who just doesn’t fit in. Either they just ruin the family aura, wanna make everyone miserable, or both. I am talking about this because I have this issue with someone in my family. Every time I talk about something like this in my family, I am referring to someone who use to be a sister. I don’t call her that no more. She is a disappointment in my book. For something like this to happen, it must have been bad. Sometimes you just get so tired of someone that you just start to ignore that person. In my case, everything was her fault. It was a combination hatred, negativity, rudeness, and lack of sympathy on her part. All the family tried to do is help, and she stayed negative every time. When you have family members like this, you can’t keep trying to please them because it does nothing. I don’t understand how an individual can stay so negative when people only wants to help. These are they type of people who wants everything to revolve around them. You can’t let that happen, you need to take control and tell them how you feel. If that doesn’t work, don’t feel bad about stopping contact. Real family don’t take advantage of one another intentionally.


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