*Trigger Warning* The War That Will Never End: Israeli And Palestinians “Riots”

When I tell you that I am so tired after reading up on this topic, i’m tired. This has been trending worldwide and riots have been getting worse. I saw this in the news a while ago but never clicked on it because I didn’t know if I wanted to talk about it. I have no problem talking about riots and injustice but I wouldn’t normally speak on Israel. There is already a lot of tension in that country with America but I have no choice now because it’s too much. I don’t know if they even have a problem with America because the U.S sides with Israel, which is weird. This can refer to any major history problem, but how can two types of people have land conflict for over 100 years. Why is it still a problem today? Just live together in peace. (Me trying to talk, when America had and still has a lot of problems) You have problems with religious beliefs, murder, hate, property, and just pure evil. As I read more into it, this is a really bad situation. You have Israeli soldiers bombing the Palestinians while the Israeli people are cheering. How disgusting! The people of Jerusalem are getting evicted so that Israeli people can move in. There is evidence (video) the Israeli people were dancing while the army was bombing Jerusalem. My sources are from the news and a people who lives there who are talking about it on tumblr. (Source Name: arabian-batboy)

They explained everything because they say that the U.S only sides with the Israeli people. It’s crazy that their leader is allowing this to happen. In a speech he gave, he basically said he allowed it to happened. Over 600,000 Jews live there and they aren’t protected. The Israeli army stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque and Gaza where they started attacking these defenseless people. Why do they want control? It seems like the Palestinian people have no one on their side. They are being made out to be the enemy and they are not. They are not the ones with nuclear weapons.

I am really confused because I thought that the U.S stopped ties with Israel or maybe i’m wrong. The names of these places are confusing me so I hope I got them all right. This is just another injustice inhumane unlawful move from the higher ups. It’s not fair because the Palestinian people didn’t ask for that. The fact that the Israeli people were cheering is truly disgusting. I am annoyed because all this is happening during a pandemic. It’s just more problems to add. Why do people have to die because of stuff like this? Also, why are they kicking people out of their homes for someone else? That isn’t legal, is it? I did hear that they want to keep the population under 40% so that was the reason why they didn’t let the Jerusalem doctors treat the wounded Palestinians. If that is true then shame on them.

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Source: 24 Palestinians killed in Israeli air raids on Gaza | Middle East News | Al Jazeera


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