Why Do Black People Have So Many Different Cups

This is funny to me because I am black and we had every kind of cup you can think of. My mom and grandma always kept the nice glass cups in the china cabinet but kept the old cups for us. They just didn’t want us using them (lol). Every black family was most likely raised this way so I know many people know what I am talking about. There are various colors, designs, shapes, and sizes even though we only use a couple of them. It’s so funny because white people don’t do this. They have nice cups because they know they will have company. We don’t even care if people come, we just say pick a cup (lol). My whole life, we only used the good plates and cups for thanksgiving.

We have been doing this for the longest because they are cheap and kids ruin things easy. That is why they are plastic cups. As we get older, it gets so comfortable with us that we just continue to use them. When I get my own place, all my cups will match until I have my own children. Children needs to use non glass cups for their safety. I will be using recyclable cups. I still find it crazy that nearly every black family does the same thing. You will find out more in my next couple of posts.


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