History Still Being Discovered: Our Humble Cousins, The Remains of 9 Neanderthals Discovered

The most exciting thing happened today, well for me at least (lol). Archaeologist discovered 9 Neanderthals in a cave in Rome. I am so excited because this can tell us more. They did say that there had to have been an earthquake during that time which caused the cave to cave in. They found a lot of bones which is shocking because it was never discovered. I am happy because the more they discover, the more I learn. I get so happy because these people were here about 60,000 years ago. I would love to touch one. I think it would change my life to touch something that was here so long ago.

This makes me even more excited to get into my field. There is so much to be discovered which is so exhilarating. They discovered some of the first humans, which is why everyone should be shocked. The fact that they discovered this while I am alive is even better. When they said a total of 9 people, I immediately thought of a family. They did stay in packs and shared things. Their brain sizes are 1,430 cc and they communicated in a language that only they understood. Modern people call them stupid but I bet you wouldn’t try to fight one of them. They were skilled survivalist’s who were not dumb but actually stronger than us. I can even say that they were probably smarter than us. A lot of us couldn’t survive in the wild without a gun so that says a lot.

Source: Remains of nine Neanderthals found in cave south of Rome | Neanderthals | The Guardian

The featured image was taken by the Italian Ministry of Culture


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