Dinosaur 13: Thoughts And Beliefs

This documentary came out in 2014 but I watched it for the first time today. I was beyond shocked, confused , and filled with sadness while watching this. It all started after discovering “Sue” the Tyrannosaurus. I loved that they showed the real footage of everything because I feel like I was there when they discovered sue. It’s so crazy how they got that dinosaur off the mountains of South Dakota. It took 17 days to discover 80% of the dinosaur, which was the most parts of any other dinosaur ever found. The people who discovered this was Sue Hendrickson, Peter Larson, and Neal Larson. They named the dinosaur after Sue Hendrickson because she discovered small fossils of the dinosaur. It was amazing to watch that footage. You can tell through the footage that it meant a lot.

Then a man named “Maurice Williams”, paid them $5,000 for the dinosaur to put in the town. It was on his land. They had all this on footage which was confusing after the turnout of everything. At the end, he ended up getting over 7 million dollars for this dinosaur. There was so much confusion in this case. Eventually out of nowhere, the FBI raided the Larson brothers business (Black Hills Institute) and took everything including that Tyrannosaurs. That was so crazy and everyone was crying and confused. They brought the army to seize all of their work. They didn’t even tell them anything, they just took their work. The one thing the government likes to do is to ruin something. They went to trial and was charged with over 150 counts of various crimes such as felony, money laundering and more. They did nothing wrong because all they did was discover history. The government claimed that they were digging all on public land so that the dinosaur is now public property. They also said that the money laundering was because they sold fossils across the country which was not told to the government. How insane! Everyone was confused and upset because that was the dumbest thing ever said. They said “then what about national geographic photographers”. Everyone does that to prove the past. I believe they just wanted to take their work from them.

Eventually one brother got sentenced to 2 years in prison because he didn’t sign something and the other brother got 6 months probations. That judge did not like them because they appealed to replace him but got denied. I hated that judge. He was stupid, the prosecutors were stupid, and the FBI was stupid. Let me not forget how stupid Maurice Williams was. He even denied everything even though they had it on video. The jurors did not agree with the 150 charges because they did nothing wrong. They ended the trial between the brothers and the government so now it was with Maurice. The judge said that the dinosaur is his because it was on his property. I still can’t believe that happened. He didn’t discover anything. None of the government officials did anything to discover it. It took the brothers one year just to remove a bone from the face so that it doesn’t break. When the government took the dinosaur, they kept it in boxes for over 3 years before it was sold in an auction. I hate people so much but at the end millions of people know the truth. The brothers weren’t upset Sue is now in Chicago and many people go to see it everyday. I wanna go see it now. They didn’t even invite one of the brothers (the one who discovered it), so he went as Sue Hendrickson guest. The disrespect is beyond me. He was still happy that many people can witness this creature.

At then end of the day, these 3 people discovered part of the past. Why couldn’t everyone just be happy. They just wanted to ruin something for money. When the army was taking the dinosaur, everyone in South Dakota was protesting and everyone was upset because they said Sue belong there. I also believe that. It really annoyed me that all of these officials tried to be so big but none of them are scientist. They don’t even know what they are touching and yet they had the audacity to take history. They did say at the end of the documentary that the Black Hill Institute in South Dakota is still one of the best museums of dinosaurs and fossils. I added that to my bucket list. I wanna go visit so bad. Learning about the past is so beautiful and there will always be people who want to ruin it. Screw all those people who ruined their work. Everyone knows the truth in the end. They are still discovering today.


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