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The People Who Don’t Believe In Dinosaurs

I always say that everyone has there own opinions about everything but there are some things that are just common sense. There are some people who questions the existence of dinosaurs. Huge creatures that existed billions of years ago. Still to this day, we are discovering new fossil remains of these many creatures who lived on earth before us. Now, even with all the evidence that we have, why are some people still skeptical? It doesn’t make sense to try to explain dinosaurs to an adult and that is exactly what I did. An adult relative of mine was dead serious about not believing dinosaurs ever existed. I thought she was being funny but no, she explain why and it still doesn’t make sense. She believe the government has something to do with it. If anyone believes that theory, let me break your bubble for a second. There is proof that scientist from the 1800’s and before took pictures with dinosaur bones that were as tall as them. Back then, there was no such thing as a government so that theory is out.

If you don’t believe, then why are there fossils everywhere. These non believers are the ones who think that we are the only species in the galaxy. Dinosaurs were here before there were any signs of human life. Scientist have examined bones to see what DNA they have. They have found that a lot of animals today have some related DNA. Another great example is that every living thing has ancestors. Dinosaurs are the ancestors of a lot of animals today. Lets just be honest, the belief that dinosaurs never existed is dumb. I hate to say that someone’s beliefs are wrong, but they are wrong. They are completely wrong because there is so much evidence.

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