Real Life Apocalypse: Why We Should Be Worried About The India Covid Crisis

Covid seems like it has calmed down in some places but you know what they say, every time something positive happens, the negatives find their way in. I am gonna be blogging about this for a while because it’s a huge problem. The India covid crisis is at it’s worse. They have been the only country to have 400,000 covid cases in a day and around 1 million in a week. That is crazy because they have almost 2 billion people. I am actually worried because they have found a variant of that India covid in Tennessee. They quarantined that person but who knows what’s gonna happen. America and I am pretty sure every other country have cut off entry to their country from anyone traveling from India. Australia is gonna fine people $66,000 or 5 years in prison to anyone coming into their country from India. I’m sorry but I don’t blame them. Everyone needs to contain this situation which could start a whole new wave for everyone else.

I can’t believe how bad it is in India. I feel so bad because many people died from them not having anymore oxygen and covid shots. Their leader is getting all the blame but at the same time, everyone still should have been keeping their distance which they did not. They heard that everything was calming down and then it got bad again. This is gonna be an example for everyone else. You should always wear a mask, even if they say you don’t have to. Especially if your not vaccinated. So many people have died, this is starting to feel like an apocalypse. I remember how mad everyone was when they returned the Americans from China. Everyone in America believe it started on that cruise ship. In fact, many didn’t know that covid was already here, in New York. Many people also had it at the super bowl. Who knows what happened and how many people traveled from China.

Source: Biden administration to restrict travel from India starting Tuesday – CNNPolitics

Source: Covid crisis: Australians trying to return home from India face up to $66,000 fine or five years’ jail | Australian politics | The Guardian

I have seen some horrifying images that doesn’t even seem real in India. I can’t stop thinking about the fire pits. That must be so shocking to witness better yet, to perform. They had no choice because there was no space. India is not known to be the most sanitary country which is why the crisis is even worse. They don’t have people cleaning 24/7 like other countries. I have seen a lot of pictures and I can explain why cases are rising so fast. First of all, there are sick people everywhere, lying outside, in cars, being carried, in hospitals, in hallways and live stock roaming around. Healthy people are helping by carrying these people, driving them, holding them, and cremating them without much protection. The people who are sick and can’t get any medical attention because there isn’t any supplies have to just wait and they are near healthy people. Everything I have just mentioned are the reasons why there are rising cases. The covid virus gets on you by touch and i’m pretty sure most of these covid variants are airborne. That virus is just hoping around through those people and that is how everyone is getting sick. It also doesn’t help that no one is cleaning the streets. If they had crews disinfecting the streets and making people stay in, maybe they could control some of this. Everyone is panicking and that is what you don’t wanna do.

We all have to be careful so that it doesn’t get bad again for us. It’s still bad but many places in America are safe. May God help the people who are stuck in India who are from different countries. I hope they were able to get out before it got this bad. May God be with the people that are losing family members in India. I could not imagine cremating my family in public, in a fire pit next to other dead bodies. I don’t even know what to say except, it’s insane. This is most definitely an apocalypse.


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