Month: May 2021

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Upcoming Podcast Content

I have been planning a lot of things. I have more podcasts coming out which I am happy about because I bought better equipment. The reason I started a podcasts was so that I can express my feelings and talk. It’s way different than blogging which allows me to tell you guys more. I’m thinking […]

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(Podcast) New Episode: My Thoughts About Covid In Full Details

I finally got this off my chest and out of my mouth. There was so much to talk about and now I feel better. What are your thoughts?

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(New Episode) Can Money Really Make You Happy

This episode asks about the love of money and what it takes to be happy. Can we really be happy with just money? Is there really nothing else to life? Listen and tell me your opinions because I am curious.

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The Most Unexplainable Saturday Night

Has anyone ever had a night where you can’t explain what happened? You were there but at the same time you weren’t there. This is how I feel right now because the plans went left and everything felt weird because of an unknow situation that I can’t explain. I am gonna break down what happened […]

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Fado Irish Pub

I was happy that I finally went to this place. The atmosphere was dark and cool. People watching the game and drinking. I had the fish and chips which were very delicious. We ate and talked for a while after since the atmosphere was relaxing. We might go again tonight but we will see. Our […]

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Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

This was the best salad I have ever had and I am not joking. I wanted something to eat to pass the time by and this hit the spot. I had the Bibb lettuce salad which included…. Bibb Lettuces, Candied Walnuts, Apples, Goat CheeseButtermilk Dressing, Herbs It wasn’t dry and they added dill which really […]

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Cultivate Food And Coffee

If you live in Atlanta and want a perfect brunch, here you go. The atmosphere is beautiful and social, so it was very warm. The food was beyond delicious. I ordered the shrimp and grits with fried potatoes. They use coconut milk for the grits and I didn’t know they give such big proportions but […]

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(Podcast) Climate Change And The Curiosity Of Why People Don’t Care

I have said it so many times, humans are selfish. They would rather complain about things rather than fix them. They mess everything up and the blame others. In this episode, I talk about just that and more. One day people will realize how much they should’ve cared. This is a big problem and it’s […]

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(Podcast) Are Humans Naturally Messed Up In The Head Which Causes Them To Do Unimaginable Things

There are some things that are just unthinkable. You wonder why they did what they did but also wanna know why. Is it a mental thing like everyone claims or is it just straight evil. In this episode, I talked about this exact topic. These are my thoughts and they might sound controversial or rude […]

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People Would Rather Destroy Parts Of The Earth And Just Move Away From It Rather Than Fixing it

I believe we all can agree that this is true. Many people could care less about the planet which is why they ruin it. I am referring to the citizens and these big companies who produce all these dangerous gases. Dangerous gases that can make a person sick or better yet kill a couple of […]

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