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What Do Cave Paintings Tell Us About The Past

One way for us to find out about the past is by examining historic remains and artifacts. One of these things are cave paintings. I studied these in class and I wanna see some of them in person. How did they carve so precisely into rock? The drawings tell us what life was like during that time. They have carvings of animals running, tools they used, hand prints and more. It’s important for us to learn these things because these were the first known humans. When you think about it, they were very smart. They left there mark so that we can understand what they went through. I find it beyond amazing.

When I look at some of these pictures of the carvings, I can tell that they risk their lives. They had to hunt big animals to eat which is insane but it was life. Other carvings showed horses running with bulls next to them. I need to leave America to visit these caves. I can’t wait until I get in my career just so I can travel and discover new things. I bet it’s such an amazing feeling. The specialists who get to touch those carvings are even better. I wonder what that feeling is like. This makes me happy to study in this field.

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