Abuse Of Power: Police Shootings Amongst Black People Will Never End

Police shootings have been getting worse after the death of George Floyd. Police brutality has been around since the 1800’s but nowadays it’s all murder. At this point you can only blame the cops themselves because the officers involved have experience. It’s not like they are newbies, so why is this always happening. Black people are the major victims of these white police officers, so you can say that it’s a race thing but I believe it’s a dominance thing and an abuse of power. The shootings of black people have been bad since the 1900’s and you can say that it evolves from segregation because black and white people did not like one another and black people had no rights. This is just because I wasn’t there, but I still don’t understand how hate can go so far between people. Yes, I am blaming white people because…look at history. White police officers demand dominance from minority groups but they never wanna do their job correctly. They have weapons which gives them the leverage but they also work for the law. So why don’t they do their jobs correctly?

The most recent incident was a man that was shot 10 times by a police officer and the crazy part was that the officer was the same officer who gave him a ride an hour later. How crazy is that? The man is in the hospital but in critical conditions. Why do they shoot so many times even when the person is on the ground? Another major incident was the Andrew Brown incident who was shot in the back. Another incident was 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant who was shot dead outside her home over chores. This is getting ridiculous and no one is getting charged. They always say it was an accident or that they thought they saw a gun. At some point, they need to look at it for what it is. This is an abuse of power and murder.

Source: Isiah Brown shot 10 times by Virginia sheriff’s deputy who had given him a ride an hour earlier, family says – CBS News

Source: Andrew Brown shooting: family bracing themselves ahead of body-cam viewing | Andrew Brown shooting | The Guardian

As much as they can try to justify the situations, they are illegally taking lives. Who gave them the rights to not do their jobs. It’s not fair and it’s a traumatic situation. These people die so young and I don’t understand how they sleep at night. At some point, this situation needs to be fixed or people will continue to defy the police. No one trust the police and I don’t blame them. I don’t know what they can do to fix it because it will never end.


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