Heartbreaking Tragedy That India Is Facing With Covid

I knew that covid was bad in India but I never knew how bad it really was. I was reading about everything while looking at the images and I was just shocked. They are the second country with the second highest cases at 16 million. America is still number one but it’s not as bad as India. The problem India is facing is lack of oxygen and other medical supplies. They literally have no more oxygen for the covid patients. That is so scary because, what do you do next. Wait to die? Suffer in silence? In one week there was 1 million cases of the coronavirus and 2,000 deaths’ daily. This is a country with a population of 1.2 billion people, so that is scary. The country is so populated and is spreading faster than everywhere else.

Why is this happening ?

Before I heard about their second wave, I had an idea about what happened because I believe this will happen everywhere if people aren’t careful. I believed (which they already said was the cause) they let there guards down. They got too happy and were not careful. I see this in America on campus and in stores. Just because they say masks aren’t mandatory anymore, people don’t wanna wear them. I believe the people who gave that order should be arrested because the virus isn’t gone and people are still getting sick. In India, people thought everything was ok because cases were dropping. That is where they messed up and look at the situation now. They don’t even know how they are gonna vaccinate 1.2 billion people.


I saw the craziest pictures from the hospitals in India. They have mass cremations where they build pits of fires and burn the bodies in public. There are so many pits next to one another and I don’t know how they are coping witnessing that. It’s so sad! Family members watching their loved ones burning in front of their eyes. Looking at the pictures, it look liked there were random people helping burn the bodies. The pictures were very haunting and I don’t wanna imagine being there. I feel so bad because they are humans and no one deserves this. Even if they weren’t careful, they were still human. Many blamed their leaders who said that everything was better. This is why I always say that you can’t listen to everybody. All they wanna do is make everything seem like it’s fine when it’s not.

India Mass Cremations Outside From Covid Patients

Source: India’s hospitals and crematoriums overwhelmed as COVID-19 surges (nypost.com)

Other countries need to send supplies to their country. They need oxygen asap. They need more medical supplies because they have more people. Just when I think covid is getting better in my country, I had to see how other countries are living who are still in worse conditions. Brazil is another country that is running out of supplies. It’s very simple to end this problem worldwide. Everybody have to be serious, keep their distance, stay clean and wash everything, and cover their faces. The reason why covid will never leave is because everyone can’t get on the same page. There will always be those people who think covid won’t kill them until it does. Harsh but someone had to say it.

Source: India’s Covid second wave’: How did situation get so bad during second wave | India News – Times of India (indiatimes.com)

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