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Favorite Things To Make With Tofu

If you are a tofu lover then you try to find different ways to make meals with tofu. I don’t know how to make many things with tofu so I usually look on Pinterest for ideas. I’m not that clueless when cooking though. My favorite things to make are tofu egg rolls , tofu wontons, and pan fried tofu. It’s funny because it’s not much but I don’t cook with it a lot. I would rather just go out and get food that includes tofu. When I research meals with tofu, a lot of them look difficult to make, but that is just because I am lazy (lol).

One fun thing I made was a cheesecake that involved a tofu cream cheese and it was so delicious. That was the most unique thing I made involving tofu because it showed me that you can make so many things out of anything. I now wanna try tofu deserts. When I leave for the semester, I will be getting very creative with what I cook. I know there are so many things to make with tofu and I still find it funny that I haven’t made much. When I eat out, I don’t understand how they cook the tofu so perfect. I will try to make more things and give more updates (lol).

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