Can Poverty Be Prevented/Fixed

Poverty in America is a big problem, especially now because of covid. Why is poverty a big problem? What causes poverty? Why is poverty mostly among Black and Hispanic people (white people are the lowest but I’m not judging, too much)? Can these issues be solved? I believe poverty can be fixed but it won’t because the people won’t change. It’s not just up to the government to fix this problem. We all know that poverty is bad for the black communities and one reason is because many people don’t wanna change. There is a high percentage of high school drop outs that end up dealing drugs and committing crimes. They always say that you have to do for your family, but one is saying you have to commit crimes. This is just my opinion from what I have seen. I grew up in “the projects” where people deal drugs, and everyone knew one another. We moved to another state and I ended up going to a public school and staying focused. Now all of my sisters are in college. It’s not hard to stay focused, I believe it’s the temptation that gets people. They wanna make money fast and end up screwing themselves. Now I can’t put down everyone that goes down this path because people be going through things. I can’t judge girls who get pregnant and have to support for their child. Like I said, people go through many things and have to support their child. I’m still not saying crime is the way to go.

There has always been talk about how the president and government overlook the poorer places. That is true because they never wanna fix these areas. They would re-cement the same road one million times but they ignore the neighborhoods. From what I have seen, if there is something new being built in a poor neighborhood, eventually someone will rob it. It’s crazy because it’s true and then those places will eventually move their business. No one wants to build a business in a place that can ruin their brand. When this is constantly happening, jobs are leaving and many people will be filing for unemployment. This is when people get desperate and many will continue to deal drugs and commit crimes. It’s a cycle that will never end.

If the mayor, and government build more buildings and reconstruct old building, that could bring many new jobs for people. It’s crazy because only a small group of people know how to ruin a neighborhood. For example, gangs. If the communities have less crime, maybe more businesses would stay. Poverty will never leave, lets just be serious. There are too many people for everyone to get on the same page. There are people who like living in poverty and I am saying that because many don’t wanna leave. Then you have the other people who can’t afford to move but want the best for their children and these other people are ruining everything. This is why getting a good education and a job is key. It’s not all about money, which means making money quick isn’t key. If people focused on being better, there wouldn’t be so much complaining. I just believe that everyone can change. No one is telling you to stay where you are. We all know white people make more money and I still think that is not fair, but it won’t change anything. You will just have to work your way up there and become better. Better yet, start your own business to make more money than them but don’t do something illegal. Yes, everything is hard but if you aren’t willing to make a better life for yourself, what’s next. So to sum up, the government, mayors, and the people need to work together.


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