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A Sign Of Relief: Chauvin Found Guilty On All Counts

I can’t even explain my emotions right now. I watched the verdict live and I was emotional. There was so much evidence including a 9 minute video of George Floyd’s death. That one video sparked a whole different movement worldwide. To watch someone lose their life on camera is very heartbreaking and to hear how the defense team disrespected the situation was disgusting. I know they have a job but some things they said really hurt a lot of people and it didn’t make sense. This guilty verdict made a lot of people happy and now everyone can work towards holding these cops accountable. They revoked his bail and took him away in handcuffs. Many black men taken away from life and then killed over something so little. It’s crazy because if that girl didn’t recorded the video, it would be a different story. There were so many witness and everyone told the truth.

This has bee a year long journey of sadness. People of all color was listening to the verdict outside the courthouse. There was no hate today, just justice. You have to give it to the jurors who made this possible. Now that Derek Chauvin is in custody, he will have his sentencing in a couple of weeks. Many lawyers said that he will not do good in prison because no one likes him. They say that he will most likely get the highest sentencing which is around 40 years. He was a reckless cop and now they will be charging the other three cops. I wish that they have charged Breonna Taylor’s killer. Somehow those cops didn’t get charged and it doesn’t make sense. Next we have the Daunte Wright situation to deal with.

Enough is enough with all these killings. Taking innocent lives is getting ridiculous. The deaths at the hands of the law enforcement should be justified. This is definitely a start. Unfortunately George Floyd passed away but he is definitely watching this and smiling. I know his family is happy and finally at peace. We worked together and none of this would be possible if no one worked together. Today is George day and now it’s time to go after those other crimes. I’m talking about the killing of Daunte Wright and the killing of the 13 year old Adam Toledo.

Source: Chauvin verdict: Jury reaches verdict in trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s death (

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