Stress Automatically Increases Toward The End Of The Semester

I feel like I have been in school forever and It’s not ending no time soon for me. My semester ends on May 8th and I am so stressed. Why does it get more stressful towards the end? The reason is because everyone is trying to get grades, re-do work, study for finals and sign up for classes. The stress is real right now and it’s draining. Time is going fast but slow at the same time if that make sense. It’s kind of funny because this happens every semester for me. I just don’t wanna fail anything, especially because this semester has been bad for me. I don’t do good with online classes (due to covid) and had a hard time staying focused.

I feel tired every minute and can never finish anything which is taking a toll on me. I still have readings to read so that I can take tests next week. I fall asleep reading though, that’s the problem. The readings online have the smallest words and it makes my eyes hurt. I tried so hard this semester but there are classes that stressed me out to the core. I usually like philosophy but this class this semester was not it. Last semester was my favorite philosophy class because it was about the meaning of life. This class I am taking now focuses on heavy religion era and beliefs. I am not into this class whatsoever. I honestly can’t remember anything in the class. The professor doesn’t make it better. It’s already on zoom and then he has the quietest voice ever. I just go to sleep. Social stats is another class because it’s so much math and I don’t want to take this as a online class. This professor don’t lecture. They talk in a video and send it to us. I have no idea how this professor look. My sociology class stresses me out because I am so bad at the tests. We have no quizzes or work, just exams. I had to email the professor and he told me not to worry because we have reading assignments coming up. Now I have to read after this. The only class I love is anthropology. It’s what I wanna do and I chat with the professor every week. I never miss a meeting with him and he said I looked like I was gonna pass out last week (lol). That was because of these other classes. I was so tired.

College during covid has stressed me out to the core. It is so bad and I hope it gets better but you know people ruin everything. I am staying positive but I get about 4 hours of sleep on the week days. It’s bad but I am trying to make it.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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