Snacking In Your Dorm: Over snacking

Why are snacks so good but so bad for you? In college, students have a habit of eating more snacks in their dorm room on a comfortable day (talking about myself). I don’t eat a lot of things so snacks are a plus (lol). I am trying to control myself more because I don’t need to be snacking. It’s fun to eat snacks when your bored, watching Netflix or Hulu, doing homework, or just relaxing. When the weekend hits, all you wanna do is order takeout, snack and watch movies. Well, if you don’t have anything else planned. Over snacking is a thing. You just have to know when to stop. If your stomach is hurting, stop snacking and take walk.

It was such a good day today with cool air outside and I wanted to go for a jog. I went on a small jog and stretched outside. After that I just sat on a hill listening to music and looking at how crazy the news was today. I sat outside for 30 minutes just enjoying the weather. I am gonna start back working out because I get writers block a lot and exercising helps. I also like dancing, so I try not to stay still because I will start to feel lazy. If you buy snacks, don’t over do it. Take it from me who have done that before. I blame my eating habits since I do lack certain nutrients. I don’t get full which makes me snack. Since I don’t get full, I can’t sleep which makes me snack more. This is why I will make more meals so that I get full.

The only things I eat in this pic is chips, popcorn, and cookies

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