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Killing Alexei Navalny Mentally And Physically: Hunger Strike For Medical

If this man dies, I will be so sad. I feel like I live in Russia because I know so much about him and everything that is going on. We all know that Navalny is in prison for absolutely nothing. They sent him to one of the harshest prisons and denied him medical attention. Since all that happened, he went on a hunger strike and it has been 18 days. Yes, 18 days of no food and they still won’t let him seek medical attention. He now has kidney failure, back pain and other problems. Vladimir Putin is a sick man and everybody is trying to help Navalny. The doctors literally said that he could die in days. I am so stressed out and I don’t even live there.

The whole situations is just wrong. First, he shouldn’t be in prison. He did nothing wrong and this was just to get rid of him. That Vladimir is gonna get what’s coming to him one day. He just wants power and to have everyone follow him. We all know he called for the poisoning, hacking, and the death of the doctor. I am not slow. You have to look at everything and it all points to him. He is evil and need to give Navalny medical attention. Not only is it evil but it’s also a case for human rights because he knows that this man is sick and because he didn’t do anything wrong.

Navalny wife said he lost 9kg and in some pictures he looks sick. This whole thing is insane. They are treating him like a killer, which he isn’t. I hope something happens so he can get help. I don’t want him to die. All he wanted was to run the country the way Vladimir isn’t. Why do all these evil leaders try to find ways to ruin good people. It’s like they are working together. I don’t like Vladimir because he is greedy, hateful, power hungry, and a petty president. After that law he made that keeps him in office, I am pretty sure he stepped on a lot of toes in that country. No one wants him in there and it’s crazy that he can’t see it. “Just like you know who”.

Source: Putin critic Navalny could ‘die within days’, say doctors – BBC News

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