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Debate: Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished

This is definitely a debate for the people because everyone has their own opinions. I will be explaining my answer and what I believe. I believe that they should keep the death penalty. Only about 2% of people go on death row and it’s usually for the worse of the crimes but I also have a problem with that. I have heard some of the most gruesome crimes where mass murderers don’t get the death penalty and some death row cases where the crimes weren’t that gruesome but they got the death penalty. I wonder how they choose the cases that get the death penalty because a lot of more people deserve the death penalty. I’m talking about people who made history for those deaths. Why should they be breathing while their victims are not? That is an injustice to me. I have seen child killers, bombers, school shooters, cannibals, mass shooters and more get life with a possibility of parole. Killers don’t deserve parole, unless it wasn’t fully their fault. I think they should break it down that way because a lot of these killers don’t deserve to eat a meal at all.

People talk about how capital punishment is inhumane and I agree but you have to look at it from both sides. If you don’t have it, those people won’t care because they will probably get out. Dismembering a human being and hiding the body parts is not normal. Having sex with dead corpses is not normal. Shooting up churches and schools is not normal. They are taking lives away but still get to live by getting treatment. No, that’s not enough. The only thing I disagree with is the kind of punishment that is involved. Even though I could care less about how these killers die, I do not agree with some of these death options. I only agree with the injections. I wish I could agree with hanging for a mass murderer but to even witness that would be barbaric. Some countries still have that, like Japan. Other death options that still exist is the gas chamber, fire squad, injection, removing body parts (only in certain countries), etc. In India, there were so many rapes going on that the leader was calling for cutting off the man penis if they committed that crime. This world is a mess.

There are some scary people who are still alive and I’m not saying that the world will better without them, but that is exactly what I am saying. I couldn’t imagine working as a guard and having to care for those people. I know there is a thing called human rights, but not for these people. I am talking about the worse of the worse. Like I said before, there are some cases that deserve the death penalty over others. Maybe people would be on board if they actually took their time with the cases. They would put a black man on death row so quick but take the longest time for a white man. It’s so annoying. I believe that Oklahoma still have the gas chamber which is crazy but it should just be used for mass murderers. Anything other than injection should be used on those people. This is just my opinion but I highly believe in it because you have to be held accountable for your crimes.

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