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Why Do People Think Climate Change Is Beautiful: This Is A Big Problem

Antarctica is a beautiful place and has been home to many animals that live in those temperatures. Not only home to animals but also home to the oldest icebergs in history. I’m talking about 3,000 years old, but there is a issue. Temperatures in the artic are dramatically getting warmer which is breaking apart the ice. It’s scary because Antarctica is place where you can tell how climate change is affecting the world. If that ice melts then you now it’s getting too warm. I remember when they said that they saw dirt for the first time. I was shocked because you don’t see dirt in the artic, just ice and snow. My problem is that everyone knows that this is happening because it’s in the news, all over YouTube and in books. I get annoyed when I see people flying over there saying it’s so beautiful while watching the ice just fall apart.

It’s probably a cool site to see at that moment, but there’s a bigger picture. Every time an iceberg break and drop into the sea, the ocean is rising. Those videos of ice breaking away is insane. It’s so loud and the ice is so thick. Scientist are extremely worried because this is going faster than they thought. It just shows you that it’s hot and global warming is increasing. I bet there won’t be any left after a couple of decades, especially if they are seeing dirt. I’m thinking of polar bears, walruses, and penguins who live there. Other than slowing down on the industrial and other pollution that causes warmer heat, I don’t know how they can fix this. I honestly think it’s only the temperature but hey, I am not a scientist. I just wish people took things more serious.

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