Climate Crisis: Then And Now

I recently watched the time lapse video that shows what earth looked like in the year 1984 all the way to 2021. It was so cool but it showed a lot of alarming things. From that video I saw that overtime the green lands have disappeared and have been replaced with many buildings. There isn’t anything wrong with that but it’s sad because we had much more beautiful land back then. We have more dirt now (lol). There was less water in certain places which shows you that climate change is the reason. The scariest part of the video was when they did a time lapse of the artic. My jaw kind of dropped because so much ice has melted and it was so much brown.

Link To Video: Google’s New Timelapse Shows 37 Years of Climate Change Anywhere on Earth, Including Your Neighborhood – EcoWatch

I wonder what it will look like in another 20 years. I’m kidding, I know what it’s gonna look like because I am looking at it now. Our beautiful planet is getting sicker and no one can get on the same page to save it. What will it take? Will it take for our planet to look like something off “The Book Of Eli”. That movie was amazing by the way but boy was it a heat death wave. I was sweating while watching it (lol). Maybe one day we can fix it but not unless everyone open up their eyes. Open them!

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