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The Thing About Climate Change: People Know It Is Happening But Still Does Nothing

Climate change is a big deal because we live on this planet. This is our planet, so we should keep it clean and healthy. Unfortunately over the past decades things have went down hill. There is more pollution, litter, forest fires, and wild life problems. I hate litter and I never understood how people could just throw trash on the ground. It disgusting, unsanitary, and it shows your character. You might think it’s not a problem but it is. Trash builds up and it make your home city looks nasty. People drop everything from tissue, cigarettes, food, plastic bottles, diapers, and so many more things on to the ground. It blows my mind when I see dirty diapers on the ground. Why would someone physically throw something like on the ground? I think those people are nasty. I hate seeing things like that when I’m driving or walking. It’s not like I see them daily but I have seen some in other cities.

The number one thing that is piling up the litter is plastic. It’s called recycling people! How hard is it to put your plastic bottles in a recycling bin. Why would drink out of it, walk with it, and then drop it on the ground. Pick up your plastic and recycle it. I’m not acting like I haven’t done it before but on campus, there are recycling bins all over. It’s easy to put your recyclables in there. The number one thing I hate to see are cigarettes because they are everyone. It’s just so tacky to see piles of them. I just be like “eww, throw your trash away”. It’s trash once you are done killing yourself. People smoke so much in a day and remember to buy more but can’t remember to to throw them away. Same thing goes with alcohol and beer bottles. It’s like dealing with billion of children except they are adults.

Everyone knows that climate change is an issue. Global warming is increasing and the temperatures are rising. This is the reason there were so many forest fires last year. All this industrial pollution along with ours. The funny thing is that people know it happens but no one wants to fix it except the people who are actually worried. These are the people who make websites for climate change, challenge the president to do something, and always advertise it. It’s gonna take a long time to fix this situation because it gets worse everyday. I talked about how Japan plans on releasing nuclear radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant into the ocean. It’s things like this which is gonna keep pushing us back. I will leave the link below which also contains more information about global warming.

Source: Global Warming: Purposely Releasing Contaminated Nuclear Water Into The Ocean – UNLISTID

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