Humans Looking For Another Planet To Ruin

The one thing humans are good at is destruction. People have been ruining things for decades. When it started get bad, they started looking for a new planet. They have been talking about mars for the longest. They say it could have had life and that they want to discover more. Humans have been ruining earth for so long and now that it has gotten so bad, they don’t wanna fix anything. They just constantly cut down trees, and build more industrial buildings which is killing our air. Everyone wants to find a new planet but all they will do is ruin it.

Humans can’t even take care of their own planet but hey, lets find a new place. I think they are looking for an out because one day it’s gonna get so bad that it won’t be livable. This will only happen if no one fixes the issue. Maybe if everyone gets on the same page, people will start taking it serious. I wouldn’t want to live on mars. That is nothing but a dust planet and I don’t care how many times they travel over there, it’s just not livable. One day this world really will look like the show futurama and I hope I am not here when it is. I just wanted to say that.

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