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Human Creation: Better At Creation Or Destruction

This is funny because my answer is easy. I believe humans are better at destruction. They build many historical things but someone always find a way to ruin something. I have been all over this climate news and that is why I say destruction. I looked up pictures of oil spills and was shocked beyond existence. I thought I was gonna see a little oil but I was wrong. They mainly showed oil spills in the oceans which showed that the ocean oil drills are worst than the ones on land even though both are very harmful. I had to see sea creatures with oil all over their bodies and I wanted to tear up. Why isn’t this problem fixed? They tear down forests, drill into sacred areas, blow up things and so much more.

Humans are known to ruin this planet because no one fixes anything after it’s done. Not just that, after something nice is built, you have the community that ruins it. It’s like these people don’t want a nice looking community. As a black person, I always knew why they called it the hood (lol). That’s because it looks like it. Neighborhoods don’t have to look bad, it’s the people who make them look bad and tacky. We can easily have nice buildings if everyone just do what they need to do. These riots aren’t helping either because this is when people get an opportunity to destroy and steal things. They call it looting. It has been happening all throughout these protests and let me just say that I do not condone this. This isn’t helping out the cause. These people are doing that on purpose. So yes, humans ruin everything they touch.

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