Danger Of Oil Drilling: Spillage That Ruins The Environment

I recently watched the animated big foot movie on Netflix and it focused on oil drilling. They were trying to stop the people from drilling oil into the grounds of a major wild life area. How ironic this is just that. I have been researching about it and it’s scary. They drill in areas where wildlife is populated and then they ruin that area, so now those animals have to leave. For some reason, I never knew where exactly they got oil from. I knew they got it from the ground but I never knew the exact places they choose. The even drill oil from the ocean. That is mind boggling to me because I never knew that. They have these crazy big metal buildings filled with all this electricity just sitting in the ocean. It looks insane. This can cause major oil spills in the oceans which can turn into fires. How is this okay!

A big problem with drilling oils is the spillage. There is so much oil that is left over and it gets into the waterways. This isn’t only harmful for animals but also to us. From my source, oil spilling can have major effects on animals, such as…

•    Damage animals’ liver, kidney, spleen, brain or other organs
•    Cause cancer, immune system suppression and reproductive failure
•    Trigger long-term ecological changes by damaging animals’ nesting or breeding grounds

It’s scary that oil can do that to an animal. They are so helpless which is why I am happy that there are people who try to help. No only is oil spillage bad for animals, but these oil companies are industrial and it’s bad for air pollution. There are so many oil businesses in the world which shows you that air pollution is only getting worse. This is the main stuff that causes forest fires, and outages. This is a reason why many people want to use energy sources rather than oil. It’s better for the planet and it’s safer. There is a huge topic dealing with an untouched place in Antarctica where they are planning to drill but many people are protesting for it to stop. I hear it’s beautiful but also home to certain animals. Why would they want to ruin that? I hope it doesn’t go through which is why many petitions are going around. If you want to help, I will leave a link below to a website that has been dealing with these issues for a while. The are also petitioning to the president and I have donated as well to their project. It’s a major project so it’s definitely worth it if you want to make a change.

Souce: 7 ways oil and gas drilling is bad for the environment | The Wilderness Society


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