Vladimir Putin Law: He Had A Plan All Along

I don’t live in Russia so this doesn’t affect me but this law was so ridiculous that I had to talk about it. Recently Vladimir Putin made a law that could keep him in the big chair until 2036. I have been interested in this country ever since they jailed Alexei Navalny for absolutely nothing. I truly believe Vladimir wanted Alexei in prison because he knew he was gonna lose the race against him. I talked about these two a couple of times because many people including myself believe that Vladimir planned the poisoning of Alexei Navalny who survived after being in a coma for a while. I will leave the link below…

Alexei Navalny Poising: Russian Corrupt Cover up: Accident or Not – UNLISTID

Alexei Navalny was arrested and thrown into one of the harshest prisons in Russia. It’s so bad that he is currently sick from being on a hunger strike. I will talk about that in another post. This was Vladimir Putin’s plan all along. He got rid of the competition and now he made this law that allows him to stay president. If none of this sounds sketchy to you then you are blind and deaf. This man is all about power and he wants to stay in power. I don’t understand why power is so needed for certain people. This man has been in power ever since May 2000, so 21 years. He was the prime minister before he became president.

My thoughts are saying that he just wants to control people. It seem like he can get rid of people easily and have no shame from it. Ever since I was younger, I have only heard of Vladimir Putin as the Russian president. It’s official, he has been in power for way too long.

Source: Vladimir Putin passes law that may keep him in office until 2036 | Vladimir Putin | The Guardian


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