Daunte Wright: Thoughts After Watching The Body Cam Footage

It’s always sad when someone dies by the police. Especially an unarmed black person. They released the body cam footage and it’s sad because I wish he didn’t run. Not just that, but the white female officer said she didn’t realize that she actually shot him. She said she thought it was her taser. I have so many problems with this because they all say that. I believe she didn’t mean to shoot him because her voice was so panicked, but she did and now the situation is worse. The problem with a gun and a taser is that officers move too quick. They move so fast and never realize what they did after. Now they have to face the repercussions of everyone calling her a killer. She did this and now she is in history with all the other killer cops. Black people don’t care if it was an accident because we heard it all before. In the video she moved so quick and said “oh s*** I just shot him” and the officer asked “you just shot him”. Then people around them said “oh my god, they shot him”. I wish he didn’t try to run even though I heard that they stopped him for no reason.

Source And Video: Second night of unrest after fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright outside Minneapolis (cbsnews.com)

I am curious about why he ran. I know they say there was an arrest warrant but they didn’t say that until it got bad. This was a traffic stop over dangling air freshener. They was about to put him in handcuffs and tried to drive off. They still shouldn’t have shot him but I am just curious. No one was yelling either. It just happed so fast. The worst part isn’t here yet because there will be long protest for him. This happened in the same same state as George Floyd’s death which is why it is a bad situation. They are saying this was just like the Oscar Grant shooting. That was ridiculous and so emotional. I watched the movie “Fruitvale Station” which was based on that incident and I was sobbing all night. They compared it because the officer said he also thought his hand gun was a taser. That man was shot in his back and that officer was set free. That is not justice and I still don’t understand why would they try to tase him while he was on his stomach. Daunte’s mother said that she can’t accept that it was a mistake. I see why, because a taser and a gun are two different things. It’s a problem if they look and feel alike but they don’t. I feel bad for everyone but these cops have to deal with this situation. I did see that her and another officer was on leave. I think they said that they quit. She was a 26 year old veteran, so why couldn’t she tell where her taser was located.

These cops act way too fast when something happens which can be good in a different situation. Even if he did run, he wasn’t carrying a weapon so just get in you car and chase him. That would have been so much better that what happened. The car did crash as well and I heard they left body there for over 6 hours. I can’t believe they did that. That should get them in trouble right there. It’s just so heartbreaking because he was only 26 years old and had a kid.

Source: Daunte Wright shooting: parents say they ‘can’t accept’ killing was a mistake | Daunte Wright | The Guardian

This incident happed about 10 miles away where George Floyd died. It’s sad that this stuff keep happening with no one being charged just because they are cops. I don’t see them as cops. As a fellow black person, these are killers to me. They murdered someone and have to live with that forever. Even if they don’t get charged, they are relieved but they know where they are going. A lot of innocent black people have died and have been victims to white people. They always say that they are scared of us but I believe they want it to be the other way around. I will save that for another post.


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