Global Warming: Purposely Releasing Contaminated Nuclear Water Into The Ocean

Japan’s government is planning to release this contaminated water into the sea which will take decades to complete. The time it takes shows you that this is bad. Why would they contaminate this beautiful water? This contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant is not useable and is filled with so many harmful things things. My problem is that the ocean is getting harmed already and this will make it worse. Humans harm anything and don’t care about the repercussions. Global warming and harmful pollutants are causing the oceans to get warmer and this will only increasing the temperature. You might not think that is bad but your wrong. There are living things in that water that can’t survive warm temperatures and we humans do nothing but make things worse.

Source: Fukushima: Japan announces it will dump contaminated water into sea | Fukushima | The Guardian

I watched a documentary a couple of years ago about the ocean corals. Did you know they die in warmer temperatures? The corals are getting bleached, then they die and this is all from warmer water temperatures. The documentary talked about how important it is to understand this and it left me very emotional. Before watching that, I never knew how important the ocean was. There aren’t that many corals left in the world which is why the great barrier reef is protected. It’s really frustrating because people know that this is harmful yet they never come up with a better solution. They are just slowly killing our planets. Over time we have had more whales wash up to shore and die, ice bergs are melting faster which is scary alarming, and animals stuck in oil from all this dumped waste. Humans are just very disrespectful to our planet. No one except the ones who really care, actually listen. Then they wonder why all these natural events are occurring.

I don’t believe I ever heard of anyone ever purposely dumping into the ocean to get rid of something. It’s scarier because the ocean is home to billions of creatures. They think just because they do it in small intervals that it won’t harm anything but they are wrong. The ocean is full of salt water and nothing is gonna dissolve. It’s gonna infect fish and other water creatures. The same creatures that these fisherman eat and get for distribution in their country. People will eat these contaminated fish and they will never know because everyone don’t read the news. Global warming is killing our planet and it’s because of us one hundred percent. We focus on the wrong things and never think of the things happening around us (well all of you because I know what is going on). I know death is happening but this is a bigger issue that people ignore.

Ignoring the bigger pictures will only make it worse. Thankfully I won’t be here when it come crashing down because it will if we don’t change. This is the main reason I hate the modern era. It’s good to have all this nice stuff with technology but everything comes with a price. If there are all these geniuses, I need someone to build some real energy savers that don’t harm the air with pollution. For example, this year, Texas had one of the worse snow storm ever with a huge water crisis. A lot of people died because of this. The energy companies were to blame and many of them quit after. That’s all they do because they kill this planet with their industrial machines. Due to this, they had (their words) to release around 100,000 of harmful pollutants into the air. The air quality of horrible in America and that is exactly why we have so many unknown sicknesses.

I don’t know how long it will take until people get smarted and open up their eyes. Instead of fixing the problem they would rather search for another planet to ruin. Humans are selfish and they just ruin everything they touch. I might just hate humans at this point because so much happens and no one focuses on the right thing (I’m not talking about our ancestors). They would rather just walk down the street while coughing in this sick air to get a coffee. This is what life has come to and it’s funny because it’s not funny.

Bleached Coral Due To Rising Temperatures (These Are Not Sticks, They Were Alive Once)

*These pictures of the corals aren’t beautiful, they are dead. In the documentary, they were glowing and that was for their protection. Think of them as bodies. They were alive and were home to many different species. As the water get worse, so do this situation.*

Sea Temperature Source: USGCRP Indicator Details |

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