The Real Feeling Of Death Dreams

What do dreams mean? I’m asking you guys because I wanna know. I have only had two death dreams that felt really realistic. My first dream was a couple of years ago and I still remember it because it was the scariest thing I have ever dreamed of. The week before that night I watched the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. That is my all time scariest movie and I cannot watch it by myself. I had a dream that leather face broke through my closet and I woke up immediately in my dream and called for my family to run. My two younger sisters didn’t make it because they were too curious and didn’t run (lol). For some reasons my cousins were there and I told them to run but my youngest cousin got caught right at the front door. I ran down the street with my two other cousins and we were alone. I woke up out of my sleep breathing hard. That was the scariest dream because I remember the details so clearly.

My second death dream happened last night. It was so bad that I woke up this morning crying. I woke up, saw it wasn’t real and started bawling by myself. I couldn’t stop, so I needed to talk to people. I called each one of my family members to tell them about this dream. This dream happened after having a four hour conversation with my older sister (twin) last night. Family drama caused this dream. I had a dream that one of my twin sisters killed 12 people in our house including her twin and then killed herself with a gun. I was screaming and crying and no one else was crying. I didn’t understand why and they took the bodies down stairs without crying. After that, I woke up and starting crying. It made me think that I want all my sisters to stay together but that won’t happen because we have some problems. I don’t have a problem with any of them but they have problems with one another.

I was so sad and scared after that dream. I can’t believe dreams can feel so real. I wouldn’t know what to do if that was real. It’s kind of scary when people dream like this and then just wake up. It’s such a weird feeling.

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