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Prince Philips Passes Away: Legacy And Life

It’ such a sad day. No wonder it rained today. The passing of Prince Philip is all over the news and it’s a big deal because the royal family is known everywhere. Canada is mourning and I am pretty sure a lot of African countries are also mourning because they use to make world trips to visit everyone around the world. Thankfully they said he passed away peacefully in the Windsor Castle. He passed at 99 years old.

I knew it was coming because he was old and he just had heart surgery. I was surprised that he made it through that. That was a strong man. I won’t get into the pictures of him after the hospital because they are disturbing because he looked so “dead” (no offense). I’m not trying to disrespect him but those photos are all over google. They should have kept him away from the cameras because those news people did the most. I am happy he gets to finally be at peace because that man was walking normally at 99. Most people can’t do that.

I learned some things after watching the show “The Crown”. Prince Philip has been through a lot. He lost his entire family at such a young age. Abandoned and having to get back up isn’t easy. I thought it was crazy after watching how he got his title. It’s kind of funny because him and Elizabeth was going through a lot and he demanded to her that she make him a Prince so that all their dirty laundry of him cheating stays off the newspaper. He also wanted it because no one was listening to him and he wanted respect. He was very arrogant and their relationship lasted seven decades.

I was a little disturbed after finding out that they are third cousins but I don’t think that messes with the genetics (lol). The royal family history is full of that so I am not surprised. He visited different countries as well because they didn’t want him to be bored. He was ok with it but he missed being in the navy. He was a navy man and he had to give it all up once they got married. I still that is a selfish thing to do but they said, that is what has to happen because she is the Queen. Uh, no wonder why he was always annoyed. I have to give him props for sticking through it because I’m pretty sure they wanted a divorce but Elizabeth said that was not an answer. She was not gonna ruin her legacy because of him. I wonder if all this is true because my source is the crown which is based on the royal family.

No matter how cocky he was, he left his legacy. Seriously, this man was arrogant as hell when he was young but that was in the past. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth was a gorgeous couple and it’s always heartbreaking when someone passes away but he lived a long life. He can now rest peacefully. “Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh will forever be remembered”.

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