Is Suffering Necessary For Human Life

Why should people have to suffer just because they don’t have the same necessities as others. I believe food should be given out to everyone so that there is no hungry people. Dying of hunger is one of the saddest things because it’s just not fair with all this food in the world. People do mukbangs everyday. No one should have to go hungry with billions of people in the world. Africa is known for this which is why other countries try to donate and volunteer, to help feed those people. It’s just crazy that they have so little food and water. I can’t even imagine it because I get annoyed like crazy when I don’t eat. This is nothing compared to their situation.

There is also a homeless problem. Everyone deserves a roof over their head to keep warm. The homeless problem needs to be fixed because too many people are in need of shelter. People live out their cars, tents, and sleep on the sides of the roads. That is actually really sad to see. I know I joke about how crazy the homeless people on Atlanta are but they are still alone. I can’t imagine not having anywhere to sleep. How did it get so bad? Why don’t they build more shelters to help these people? Some of these people got evicted or the state has taken their property. It also shows you how expensive it is to live.

Our Homo Sapien and Neanderthals ancestors shared things. It was a different time period and there were less people but still, they shared. This time period is just full of hateful people who don’t care for others. I gave to the homeless before, it’s not hard. I don’t care if you think they are useless, they are still people. I have heard it all. I have heard people say that they are just lazy and helpless. It’s crazy that people think that. We don’t know what they have been through. All I know is that no one should be cold, hungry, thirsty, and lonely. I couldn’t believe how many homeless people there were in Atlanta. They were on every corner.

No one deserves to suffer. We are all human and we need to help one another. We shouldn’t judge anyone because they don’t have what we have. Same goes to people who are suffering in other countries. I talked about so many things on my blog which shows you that there is so much that goes on outside of the states. There is worse poverty in other places. I just wish we as human help more. No one deserves to go hungry with children.


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