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Thoughts After Taking The “Pfizer Vaccine”

Yes, I got vaccinated with my first dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine this morning. I debated a long time before they started giving them to college students. They are offering them at the health clinics on campus so I finally took it. Eventually we all have to get it so I took the step. A lot of people still refuse because they say that it came out too quick which I still agree with. I have some things to say about it.

I received dose one and have to get dose two in 21 days, so on the 28th. They gave me my vaccination card and I had to wait 15 minutes after my vaccination. I was sitting thinking to myself, “they really just put these unknow chemicals in my body”. I’m scare because I don’t wanna experience any symptoms like muscle pain. It’s too late to go back now but I think I will be alright. It just feels weird that I actually took it because I said I wouldn’t. It was really quick and they are trying to vaccinate the entire campus. I hear they are doing really good because a lot of people are taking it.

I wonder if they are giving certain age groups certain vaccines because we only have the Pfizer vaccine. I do hear that this one and the Moderna vaccine are the most efficient. I will just keep blogging about it because I will probably freak out if I have a symptom. It’s only because I high allergens to things and swell up. I hope it goes easy because everyone else is fine. Well, I haven’t heard anything in the news. It was also free of charge. They made it really simple for college students.

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