Do You Find It Scary That You Never Know What Someone Is Capable Of

This a fear of mine because it be the people you never would have thought of. The people that commit these dark crimes and shootings. I have seen so much ID discovery of couple murders. You never know what your partner is thinking either. I have seen a lot of crimes where on the outside, everything seems normal but behind close doors it’s a whole different world of hatred and murder planning. I just think that is insane. This is why you do background checks on people, people! You also should watch how they act. Not like a crazy person but a curious person. Like I said before, you never know what that perfect person is capable of.

A lot of true crime stories I watched dealt with cheating husbands and wives who murder for insurance money. It’s ridiculous what people do for a little money that won’t last forever. You would rather kill your partner for money just to blow it. I swear vows mean nothing at this point (lol). Everybody breaks them anyway. They should cut the part that says “for sickness or in health, for richer or poor”. It’s all a lie or maybe humans are the problems. It really gives me the creeps that you don’t know anybody. Yes, love is beautiful when a relationship has been brewing for decades but stuff can still happen. I have also seen that on true crime episodes. Those are the craziest because you would never expect it. This is why people need to stop saying that every marriage is perfect because it’s not. I wouldn’t even say that if I did have a good marriage because I don’t know him fully (lol). Two people get to know each other and everyone hides secrets, so now what.

I recently heard a podcast from favorite YouTuber “Stephanie Soo” who talked about the giggly granny. It was very creepy but she ended up killing all her husbands while getting remarried every time, two of her children, her two grandchildren, and her mother in law. I think it totaled out to twelve people. She started in her teens I believe and it ended when she was in her 60’s. That case was too much and everyone rallied around her because no one believed that she could do this. Goes to show, you don’t know anything about anybody. I wonder how it’s gonna be once I get hatched (lol). I don’t think that is the saying but I am talking about marriage. It’s no time soon, I can tell you that.


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