Can Suicide Be Prevented

Suicide is one of those things that, when it happens everyone is shocked. No one ever thought that he/she would take their own life. They saw no signs but it’s always different for those who do take their life. The most scariest thing about people who are suicidal is that you never know what they are thinking. That also goes with every human being. I thought of blogging this after hearing about these two twin boys who decided to kill their entire family and themselves because of depression. Maybe it’s because I never experienced that but I think it’s crazy and I also think that they were dealing with some mental problems. I say this because they also said that they really loved them, that’s why they decided to kill them (Their words). That is not normal. They shot their sister, both parents, grandma, and themselves dead.

Story Source: Allen Police Find 6 Dead, Say Suicide Pact Shared On Social Media Mentions ‘Killing Family’ – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth (

This poses the question on whether or not it could have been prevented. They even posted it to social media. Experts analyzed what one of the brothers were saying in his suicide note and said that he just wanted to be heard. A family friend said that when he visited, everyone was happy except those two. You can tell that they were unhappy but it also makes me think. If people engaged more, would it be different. I don’t know what they went through in their life because everyone has other sides to them. The one brother also talked about how he has been dealing with depression since 9th grade. The twins were 19 years old now.

A lot of things happen in teen years such as bullying, low self esteem, and trying to fit in. A lot of teens get depression in high school because of things like this. Like I said before, no one other than themselves knew what was going on. I started to think what would life be like if everyone communicated more. If there was no more bullying, would everything be better. There is so much in the world to explore, so if we focused more on that, would it have been different. These are just my thoughts right now. If you look at a lot of suicide stories, almost everyone says the same thing. They have no reason to live, they feel like they are alone, it has become too much, etc. It’s sad that so many young people have these thoughts when they haven’t been able to experience life yet.

So, can suicide be prevent? I believe if we communicate more to one another and make people feel loved, then maybe. Like I said before, you just never know what someone is thinking. If this is a family member, you need to love that person especially if you notice the signs. When people say that they saw no signs, that means you weren’t looking or listening. There are always signs. You have to talk to them about everything. I talk to everyone in my family. Not just about one thing, I talk to them about things going on in life. I tell them to read my blog because there might be things you can enjoy reading on there. I always say look how serial killers or any killer turn out. They usually had bad upbringings and horrible school years. Now it makes me thinks, can anything be prevented if we think differently but I don’t know too much about that because serial killers have different brains than us. I’m not comparing the two, I was just noting.

Some Triggers To Depression(just some): Causes – Clinical depression – NHS (

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