George Floyd Trial: Why Are They Making It Harder Than It Should Be

I have been watching parts of this trial and I am just a little confused. Why is it taking so long? Why is it so hard to convict a cop? Why is it hard to believe that they can do no wrong? They are making it longer than it should be and this is why people have no hope that he will get convicted. They have the video where the officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for exactly 9 minutes. Every witness, doctor, paramedic, and his own police chief said he was wrong. The doctor said George loss consciousness from the knee on the neck. He died because that officer didn’t do his job correctly. Why is this trial going into the 6th day? They are prolonging the case and there is no need because you have all the statements, evidence, and the true video.

I wanted to make this post once the trial started because the prosecutors pissed me off at the very start. They tried to say that George died from drugs. ??? Can we find out where those prosecutor’s live? How dare you disrespect the deceased in such a rude way. They should have come up with something better because people were pissed. It was really sad watching some of those witnesses cry from the memory of what happened. I think a lot of people have guilt for not doing something. It would have been a worst decision to jump on a cop even though we all say we would. They would just shoot you, they don’t care. Then after that, they would say it was self defense. It’s really heartbreaking when I see posts like this because we all think the same. I can’t say the same for Cher.

Cher’s tweet made people mad because it’s not about her. I don’t know if it’s just me but this would never happen to her. She has no idea the emotions that go through cases like this because there is never justice. I think this happens if any non black person comments. It’s best to keep it to yourself even though I understand want you are saying. We all wish we could have done something but it ended in a bad situation that needs to be justified. This is a situation where if he doesn’t get charged, it will be hell afterwards. He might wanna move if he isn’t convicted because I think he will have a hit out on him. Especially in those neighborhoods. He pissed people off all over the world. The “I can’t breathe” movement have had people protesting in almost every country. We hate this officer and we don’t want him out.

I wonder how this will turn out. If he is convicted, we still won’t be fully satisfied because there is no way he would get life in prison. If he isn’t convicted, there is a good chance of him getting killed (lol). I’m sorry to put it that way but it is what it is. I wonder if they are gonna charged the other cops. I swear these police are getting out of hand. I wonder how they sleep at night when things like this happen and when you know people legitimately hate you. Literally, the world hates you, hates you to the core and want you dead.


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