Black Love Was So Different Back Then

I love watching movies about black love and hearing the real life stories. Life was so different then because of certain situations but nowadays it is so far off. I am talking about the respect, the love, the trust, and the length of black relationships. That is why people get so happy when they see a black couple who have been married for a long time. True love is rare and when you see a beautiful black couple, it makes you happy and jealous at the same time. The question is, why is it so different? j

I asked someone who has been with a couple of guys, “have you ever said I love you”. She said no, never. Why do girls think this way? Maybe it’s because it’s not easy to find someone who is faithful. There is a saying that says you have to search hard for that guy but why does it have to be so hard. I swear everyone be unfaithful these days. Maybe it’s just with the young people but there are so many toxic people. This is why it’s not good for two toxic people to date. It becomes a mess and eventually someone will get hurt.

I asked someone else if they have ever said I love you, and she also said no. She said the reason is because no one is serious and all they want are hookups. She also said that guys want girls to look like Instagram models. I don’t fully agree with that part but there are a lot of guys like that. I guess she was saying that there are too many standards to live up to. This is why so many women have image issues. They feel like they have to change when they don’t. This is one reason young girls like older guys. They are more mature plus they have everything together.

Love back then looked so happy. From a lot of pictures, the men look like real men. I’m talking about someone who would take care of his woman and protect her. I’m not talking about protecting her with a weapon (lol). During segregation, I bet it felt good to have a woman by their side during those horrible times. They actually had something to lose during this time. I know there were cheaters but they don’t have pictures of them so I can’t talk on that (lol). Nowadays, that is all we hear. “He slept with, he slept with her too, they both sleep around”. Geez, it’s too much.

I love looking at couples who have been married 20+ years. They have been through rough times together and know everything about one another. It’s even better when couples have been together 50+ years. Those black couples are Emmy award worthy. If you can look at that same person for over 50 years, you both deserve to live full lives. That is love right there and you know they look good because black don’t crack. A good example is Denzel Washington. He has been married for 27 years and they both look the same. Black people age like fine wine (lol). I think that is the saying.

I hope to have a long marriage with someone I truly love. I still don’t believe in that one true love thing but I believe you will eventually meet someone who you connect with spiritually. Black love is powerful, and beautiful. Back then, white people thought that no black person was worthy of living even if they did have a family. We just keep proving them wrong. Young love is also beautiful. I know I talked it down but there are some beautiful young black couples with real love.


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