Egyptian Ceremony: Honoring Egyptians Rulers

This was definitely the most glamourous, beautiful, inspirational thing I have ever witnessed. I say inspirational because they were taken care of beautifully. This whole luxurious ceremony was to transport the 22 kings and queens who ruled Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. The whole ceremony was two hours and fifteen minutes which included many singing and Egyptian dance performances. The women that were singing and dancing were gorgeous. They were dressed and had their makeup done like Egyptians queens. I say this because many of them looked like the queens from history drawings. The makeup was so detailed and they also had the black bobs with lots of sparkly gold jewelry.

No one in that town ( Downtown Cairo) was allowed to watch outside so everyone watched on their televisions. I don’t blame them because this was important. I felt a little bad because people did want to watch their ancestors but people play to much and you can’t risk it. They wanted clear beautiful streets with lights everywhere and that is what they got. The lights were shining everywhere and it looked like a movie premiere. There were people on the side with huge cameras and I am guessing they were photographers because everyone had big cameras. This was movie quality I tell you. They had the women walking with these round drum like tools that look like they were used back then. They walked in front of all the vehicles carrying the kings and queens. I was just mesmerized.

The mummies were inside of those gold tombs. They were inside their original tombs which were inside the gold tombs.

They got moved to one of, if not, the most beautiful museum which is the “National Museum of Egyptian Civilization”. I definitely want to visit even more because these are the oldest monarchs and they are now there. The camera went back and fourth from the trucks to the streets to the mummies. They didn’t show the mummies obviously but they showed their tombs which were on top of the trucks in another golden tomb. Each truck that carried the mummy, also had their name on gold plates. It was so extravagant, I just can’t fathom the feeling. This is literally history and the fact that they keep everything so prestigious, just shows the love. I am pretty sure those monarchs would be proud because this was a whole coronation.

A marching band marches at the start of the parade of 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies departing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on April 3, 2021, on their way to their new resting place at the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation (NMEC) about seven kilometres south in historic Fustat (Old Cairo). – Dubbed the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade, the 18 kings and four queens will travel in order, oldest first, each aboard a separate float decorated in ancient Egyptian style. (Photo by Mahmoud KHALED / AFP)

At the end, the owner of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization walked through the building as the camera followed to meet the trucks outside. It was such a serious moment because the music was playing and it was a huge moment. He is in charge of his ancestors now and they will be with you. I bet it was such an honor. He went outside where all twenty two trucks lined up. He smiled, the music played, and it ended. Wow! I can’t believe they put all this together. They even danced at the real pyramids. I thought it was fake but they also had lights near the pyramids. I was like “these monarchs are royalty, why would they fake dancing at the pyramids” (lol). That is how I knew it was real. They also had horses on the side.

Royalty, Luxury, and Leaders is what they were and still is. As an anthropology major, I love this even more. This is making me even happier because I will also be studying archeology. It’s my dream to visit that museum. No one has ever attempted honoring the royalty like this. This definitely tops anything I have ever witnessed. It was just so beautiful.

Source: 22 Mummies Are Moved in a Glittering Display in Cairo – The New York Times (

Full Ceremony: LIVE: Egypt parade mummies through Cairo – YouTube


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