Sum Up Human Life In Three Words


Those are my three words (lol). My three words have come from what I am witnessing in the world right now and from the past years. There is nothing but grief, death and a little hope left. People are nothing but selfish evil creatures who blame things on one another. No one focuses on the right things unless it’s forced. I am not talking about everybody but the majority. I don’t even understand how it got so bad in the first place. I feel like more people are copying others with killings, and more hate is occurring. There is more police brutality and more of them getting off the hook. It’s even worse in other countries.

In other countries, there is poverty, massacres, and no hope. This is for the small countries. Africa for example, is such a sad country. I’m not making fun of that country. I am referring to the how that country operates. They are at war with themselves and kill there fellow civilians. I talked so much about that country and it’s always negative. They are always in the news and it’s because of unlawful killings. I am obviously not talking about everyone because those people who are getting hurt didn’t ask for any of this. They lose hope because no one is helping . Why don’t humans help one another? Young boys are thrown into these scary killing groups and young girls get raped by them. What kind of human beings are these? That is not normal and they should be ashamed.

Countries with dictators are the worst of the worst. They brainwash people to do everything they say. How is that possible? They kill whoever they want and sleep at night like there is nothing wrong. It’s ridiculous and evil. Well, they know where they are going and it’s not up. They don’t even try to get better and that’s because they want the say so in everything. Countries like this should not exist because that isn’t life. They keep people caged up in a country that isn’t livable. Kill people who want to escape and make a statement out of it. What kind of world is this? Taking people religions and personal lives is not living. They should also be ashamed because they are the lowest of the low. It makes no sense that everyone can’t be free just because of one person. Humans are individuals and these people are not human at this point.

There is more evil than good in the world that I am seeing. As life continues, the future humans will know how bad it was for us. They will say “why”, and the answer is selfishness. Selfishness ruined this planet and the people. Greed ruined health and living conditions. One of my anthropology lectures covered when violence used to occur. It wasn’t the full thing but just a little about how our ancestors would use violence to get something from someone else because they didn’t have it. Little did we know, how far it would come. The difference is that they wanted food and other items. People nowadays use violence for the most ridiculous things. It’s like living, just to be killed early. It’s so unfair that life is like that.

The pandemic is another example of how messed up everything is. Even when we have a deadly virus on the loose, people still find a way to be ignorant. It honestly says a lot about us as individuals. No one takes anything serious and generation z is getting more toxic. China still won’t accept the truth and it is tearing a lot of people apart. This whole situation really showed the true colors of certain people. Even with a pandemic, people still find a way to make things worse. These doctors had a lot to do and I can’t even imagine the stress. All this death is just too much. Even if you try to positive, the moment you look at the news, it’s over because something else has happened.

My three words were perfect to sum everything up. This world is a fucking mess right now and it’s falling apart. We lost almost 3 million people to covid. That right there says a lot. I would say that I can’t believe that I even made it this far when it was so bad but I focused on myself and my family throughout this pandemic. I made sure everyone had the right masks and kept everyone involved in the current news because they don’t really look at the news. I stayed in, and kept clean. I was not playing and I refused to travel because I like living. I was not traveling anywhere at the beginning. It was death waiting to happen. Even when I went to Atlanta, I was extremely careful and made it back safely.

I believe the only way everything would get better is if people would think more about others and not just themselves. I’m not talking about covid because you need to focus on yourself. I’m talking about when people are need of help. We are all human but just from different places. We all had the same ancestors, so why is it so hard for us to change.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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