The Worst Of The Worst “Ethiopia”: Poverty, Murder, Massacre, Rape, And No Hope

When I read some of these disturbing articles, it makes me realize how good I got it. I know I talk about how messed up our government is but they have absolutely nothing on these other countries. I am talking about Ethiopia. I never knew they were a democracy and I also never knew they had a female president. Everything sounds normal right, wrong! There is a group called “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” better known as TPLF. I would not call them a military or a troop because they are killers. Before the female president came into power, this group ruled over their own government for over three decades. They are responsible for over 150 massacres which in total killed, over 2,000 humans. From the elderly to infants. Raping girls over and over until they died. One woman explained as she escaped, she saw young girls getting raped by 15-16 men. The girls died after that because of the force and broken bones. I cannot imagine that scene nor do I want to. I can only say “wow”. That is so heartbreaking that the women go through so much. That is disgusting and all those men should be killed.

Source: Ethiopia: 1,900 people killed in massacres in Tigray identified | Ethiopia | The Guardian

I keep thinking of those young girls, may they rest in peace. What do they want? Why do they constantly target poorer civilians when the entire country is filled with poverty. There is a war with in that country itself. 2,000 people is a ridiculous number and this should be trending everywhere. How do you just murder that many people? If I am correct, this group is from Tigray and Ethiopia is near it. They have a habit of starting stuff in Ethiopia which is why it’s becoming a problem. I believe there are different territories between the two. The crazy part to this who story is that it’s not over.

I would fear for my life everyday in Tigray. I would honestly try to run because their aren’t many choices because there are some many scary people there. 500 cases of rapes from armed soldiers in five clinics. Women were explaining in fear how they were gang raped in front of their families and were force to rape their own family members. “I am about to get sick”. I can’t believe what I am typing right now but it’s true. There is so much rape, that it doesn’t even sound real. Why are they gang raping young women. Blow them all up. How is this not a bigger issue. It needs to be trending world wide for human rights. These African countries take first place for somewhere that I never want to live. There is death everyday and no one is stopping it. Why do they have a president and prime minister if they can’t stop this. I do know that there are over 100,000 members in the TPLF. Maybe that is the reason. Can you call them members because I am pretty sure that they were thrown in there.

Source: Scale of Tigray horror adds to pressure on Ethiopian leader | Ethiopia | The Guardian

There is so much death in this world that it makes you think that there is no hope. People are getting away with so much now. I am pretty sure those people are messed up in the head because there are too many deaths. They murder but I bet they would cry if their families were dead. They probably killed their own families. They are evil, nasty, dirty, disgusting, sick, dirt bags, and down right non-human.


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