Is Taking A Life Ever Justified/Should They Still Be Here

Once you take someone’s life away, they are gone forever. I don’t think people who kill see it that way. In self defense, I understand because you are truly defending yourself. For other reasons, I don’t understand. People kill for the oddest reasons which is why it makes them look crazy. This then gets turned around and they say it was a mental problems. I don’t understand why they try to protect killers so hard. I don’t think killing people is humane at all but I do say getting rid of these murders are. Especially with all these mass murders recently. Why should these shooters have a day in court at all. They took so many lives and don’t deserve to see the light ever again.

Over time, crime has gotten worse. People kill for fun, jealousy, hatred, boredom, and other reasons that we don’t know about. That is crazy but then you have to look at how they are killing. They use guns, knives, bare hands, insane weapons, etc. When I read the news about crime, I actually cry when I hear how people die. Some things just don’t sound real. For example, I recently made a post about the mass killings in Tigray near Ethiopia. Young girls were dying after getting raped by 15-16 men. That is so heartbreaking. I just can’t imagine taking a life away. It’s not fair that there are still people alive who do take them.

Lets talk about accidental deaths. People who accidently kill someone in a car accident for example. There do be a lot of drunk drivers but I can’t say that they are not to blamed because they have to live with that memory. That’s punishment enough with some jail time. Accidental deaths are weird depending on the situation. That is why they investigate because sometimes they are not accident. People have gotten so creative these days that you just never know.

Another issue I have are school shooters. These do be teens during the time which for some reason makes it hard. I am not gonna say that a child deserves to leave this earth but they need help. Teen crimes are high and it’s because of depression, and anger. There are high cases of suicides because of depression. A lot of these killers have troubled childhoods just as a lot of other killers do. I’m sorry but I could care less about these people either. I don’t care for anyone who takes a life unless it was self defense which these are not. I couldn’t even stand behind these people if they were family. By the way, I do have a murderer in my family. He is my great grandmother brother and he is alive and in prison for life. We don’t communicate and why would we. I don’t talk to killers. He committed a horrifying murder in the 70’s I believe that involved a white woman.

Another crime are cannibals. I listen to Stephanie Soo’s podcast and YouTube channel about real cases and I have heard a lot cannibals stories. Get rid of these people. I really do think that these people are mental. That is not normal in any way. I don’t even know where these people belong but it’s not here. They didn’t just take a life, they are taking away memories because the families can’t physically see them anymore. That is extremely heartbreaking and I couldn’t imagine trying to ID my family like that.

I think from everything I have just written tells you that I don’t think taking a like can be justified. I also believe a lot of people deserve more than just life in prison. Why do someone who takes a life deserve to keep living? That is the moral of the story. It’s evil and they are going to hell anyway, even if they beg for forgiveness. I don’t think this about self defense and accidents. When you look at the childhood of these killers, a lot of them have had trauma. It makes you think if it could have all been prevented.


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