Habits That College Students Need To Break

Once you enter college, there are a lot of habits to break. This is because were young, dumb, bored, tired, etc. Habits from over sleeping to not sleeping at all. I have a lot of habits that I need to break but it’s not happening anytime soon because school is still stressing me out.

  • Oversleeping– Everyone oversleeps but it’s worse when you miss a class. It’s also bad if you miss work but I am talking about school (lol). We have zoom classes and I have missed classes which ended bad because they are online. It’s different because one of my classes have PowerPoints during the zoom lecture and they have one word on them because the professor talks about them. That is a important class that your can’t afford top miss. I also hate classes like that. Just create a real PowerPoint (lol).
  • Eating Junk Food– Who cares about health in school. I’m kidding but buying snacks is the reason why many students gain weight as freshmen. I gained weight and I was eating a lot. Not too much but I was always stayed snacked up (lol). I eat rice crisps now because I try to find vegan snacks. It’s not good to eat a lot of junk food and this also goes for eating out.
  • Drama– This isn’t about me but I have heard some things. Why is there so much drama in college? Mainly with freshmen coming out of high school. They still have that mentality and they carry it with them everywhere. I hate people like that. It’s too much drama for me. Grow up and get ready to start your life.
  • Leaving Doors Unlocked– This one gets on my nerves because my roommate never locks our dorm door before going to sleep. I always have to get up to lock it. I am not about to be killed because someone didn’t lock the door. I am also paranoid so make sure you keep your doors locked. There are people who always keep their door unlocked just in case their friend wanna hang out but that is a no for me. I don’t want no one looking through my stuff or laying on my bed. Lock your doors.
  • Getting Drunk– There is nothing wrong with getting drunk, but drink responsibly. Don’t get sloppy drunk on a week day. It doesn’t look good especially if you have class. If you do drink, have some responsible people with you. Don’t ruin your liver.
  • Procrastinating– I have a bad habit of this. I do quizzes at the last moment which isn’t good. If the class is boring, I won’t take it serious and will continue to procrastinate.

I’m pretty sure there are more but these were just a couple. Oversleeping is definitely the big one because we all have done it. Sleeping feels so good and there are times when you sleep through an alarm.


Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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