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When Should You Start Planning For A Master’s Degree

Higher education is required for people who want to learn more about their field. It allows you to get more experience, better opportunities, and higher pay. I am learning that planning for a master’s degree is difficult. It takes a lot of planning and researching. If you are planning to get a master’s degree, you should start researching really early. Look up different schools and compare prices. Graduate school is expensive, especially if you are leaving your state.

I am looking at a couple of graduate schools but I am leading more towards George Washington University. They have an amazing anthropology program plus that have a 100+ year connection with the Smithsonian museum. I want to visit that museum so bad because there are many artifacts. I also want to visit different archeology museums around the world. This is why you have to research. The good thing about majoring in anthropology is that I can also study other sub groups such as archaeology. I am also thinking of studying biological anthropology.

I think it’s good to continue your education, if you want to. Every career don’t need a master’s degree but there are some majors that require graduate school. I have been planning my life since I started college and I started planning for graduate school last year. I have about three or four more semesters left which gives me time to get my stuff together. I have to get recommendations, write essays, take tests and more. This is why you need time.

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